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Vicky White is a female prison guard who was reported to have gone on the run with a murder suspect from an Alabama jail died recently after it was reported that she shot herself. According to the story Vicky White aided in the escape of the prison convict Casey White who according to sources was romantically involved with.

They succeeded in the escape from the prison on April 29, 2020. They were eventually caught and arrested in Indiana following a police chase.

The story indicates that they were last seen when she was transporting the prisoner to a bogus mental health evaluation. It was probably her last day at work before retirement when the incident happened. Sources say she sold her home and planned to spend more time at the beach or somewhere more comfortable.

Moving on and uncovering more details, the county Coroners’ office confirmed that Vicky White the prison guard died in a local hospital after soothing herself when the arrest took place. They were caught during a hot chase which ended with the culprit’s car being crashed in Evansville, Indiana. Vicky had to surrender at that point.

Vicky White
Vicky White

Vicky White Real Age

Vicky White died at the age of 58.

Vicky White Husband

Vicky White is confirmed to be married, his husband’s name is believed to be Tommy.

Vicky White Children

Vicky White had no children, according to her ex-mother-in-law. Her most recent sale was a four-acre property.

Vicky White Cause Of Death

Vicky White committed suicide in her final seconds before officers arrived.

Vicky White Obituary

Her Obituary statement is still being reviewed. His funeral arrangements on the other hand.


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