In all of Major League Baseball, the New York Yankees have retired the most numbers.

The most recent O’Neill No. 21, is one of the New York Yankees’ 23 numbers that have been retired.

Even though the Yankees have a rich history and have produced some of the best players ever, not every player who wears pinstripes deserves to have their number retired.

The Yankees don’t follow the norms that most teams do, where players must meet benchmarks before their numbers may be retired.

Any number that they want to retire is simply retired.

The first retired number in Major League Baseball history was Lou Gehrig’s No. 4.

Jackie Robinson’s number 42 was retired by MLB in 1997, making it impossible for any other player to ever use it.

The only Yankee who has worn his retired number while playing is Mariano Rivera.

Yankees retired numbers

No. 1: Billy Martin
No. 2: Derek Jeter
No. 3: Babe Ruth
No. 4: Lou Gehrig
No. 5: Joe DiMaggio
No. 6: Joe Torre
No. 7: Mickey Mantle
No. 8: Yogi Berra
No. 8: Bill Dickey
No. 9: Roger Maris
No. 10: Phil Rizzuto
No. 15: Thurman Munson
No. 16: Whitey Ford
No. 20: Jorge Posada
No. 21: Paul O’Neill
No. 23: Don Mattingly
No. 32: Elston Howard
No. 37: Casey Stengel
No. 42: Mariano Rivera
No. 44: Reggie Jackson
No. 46: Andy Pettitte
No. 49: Ron Guidry
No. 51: Bernie Williams


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