José Carlos Montoyo, better known as Charlie Montoyo, is a professional baseball player from Florida, Puerto Rico. On October 17, 1965, he was born. The Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball are presently managed by Charlie Montoyo.

Where did Charlie Montoyo Play Baseball?

Despite not having the opportunity to play in the Major League Baseball, Charlie was able to make his way there as a manager. Before his managerial career, he amassed 1,028 game plays in the minor levels before retiring at the end of the 1996 season.

When we go deeper into his playing career, with his height of around 5 feet 1.78 m he was the second baseman for the Montreal Expos during the year 1993. He was a second baseman and pinch hitter. Thus his first playing career was at Montreal Expos. He also played for the Milwaukee Brewers in the amateur draft selection pick in the year 1987. In all, he played in a number of 1,028 leagues and ended in the year 1996 season.

Charlie Montoyo
Charlie Montoyo

Did Charlie Montoyo Play in the MLB?

No!.. Charlie Montoyo is not known to have played in Major League Baseball. His playing days were only linked to college baseball and amateur baseball. He rather became an MLB manager starting with the Tampa Bay organization. He is currently the Toronto Blue Jays manager.


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