Where is Sarah Sherman? Is Sarah Sherman from Chicago?

Sarah Sherman, also known as Sarah Squirm, is a stand-up comedian, actor, and playwright from the United States. Her comedies are noted for being bizarre and body horror.

Where is Sarah Sherman?

With her grotesque comedy of absurdity and (fake) body fluids, Sherman, a Northwestern alum who grew up on Long Island, had been both a stalwart and an anomaly in Chicago comedy since 2015. She once told Rebellious magazine, “I’m pretty disgusting.” She moved to the Los Angeles area. Thus Sarah now is in Los Angeles.

Is Sarah Sherman from Chicago?

Sherman is Jewish and was born and reared on Long Island. She attended Great Neck South High School and Northwestern University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in drama in 2015.

She is not a native of Chicago. Sherman isn’t from Chicago but rather she was a fixture of the Chicago Drama Comedy Series since the year 2015. Her horrible comedy of absurdity and (fake) bodily fluids make her an oddity.

Moving on, Sherman endorsed Bernie Sanders for President of the United States in the presidential race.

Sherman, along with fellow newbies James Austin Johnson and Aristotle Athari, was cast as a featured player on Saturday Night Live for its 47th season in 2021.

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