Kim Ng is a popular American executive in Major League Baseball currently serving as the manager of the Miami Marlins. She is considered a high-ranking female baseball executive, making her the most senior Asian-American female baseball executive in the league.

Ng started her vocation as an assistant with the Chicago White Sox subsequent to moving on from the University of Chicago. She was employed full-time in 1991 and became unique undertakings expert prior to being elevated to Assistant Director of Baseball Operations under then-GM Ron Schueler in 1995.

In 1995 she turned into the most youthful individual, and the main lady, to introduce a compensation discretion case in the significant associations when she worked for the White Sox, with respect to the instance of pitcher Alex Fernandez, and won.

She then, at that point, worked in the workplaces of the American League in 1997, where she was Director of Waivers and Records, supporting all exchanges

She joined the Marlins executive team on November 13, 2020, as general manager. She became the first woman to become a general manager of a men’s team in the history of major North American sports.

Does Kim Ng have children?

Ng is married to Tony Markward, who owns a wine company based in Oregon. She has no children


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