The top Dolphin players of all time, both retired and current who have been a major part of the team’s success and record bearing are the following. Some by their hard work surprised coaches and fans.


Born on November 28, 1992, PAUL WARFIELD in Warren, Ohio, United States. A professional American former wide receiver in the NFL. He made 8,565 yards and 86 touchdowns.

Paul Warfield in 1970 joined the Dolphins and played under Don Shula who was the coach at that time for five seasons. During his first year, he had an averaging 25.1 yards per catch and led the league in touchdowns. From 1972 to 73, he was named the Super Bowl champion.


Born September 1961, DAN MARINO is a former American football quarterback in the NFL for 17 seasons. Marino is recognized as one of the greatest quarterbacks in American football history. He has the most career victories of quarterbacks at 155.

He was selected nine times for the Pro Bowl selection. Was also voted for as the NFL Rookie of the Year by Sporting News and in 1984 he was the NFL’s Most Valuable Player of the year. He also made a 5,084 passing yard record in a single season.



Born on September 19, 1995, NAT MOORE is an American Footballer and a wide receiver in the National Football League for 13 seasons. Best known for his favorite passing targets of Dolphins quarterbacks known as Bob and Marino.




BOB GRIESE Is a former American football quarterback who earned a lot of American honors. Born February 3, 1945, Indiana, United States. Made 25,092 passing yards with a passer rating of 77.1


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