Sarah Chernoff is the wife of the General Manager of Cleveland Guardians Mike Chernof.

Michael Chernoff (born 1981) is an American baseball executive who now serves as the general manager of the Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Guardians.

Mike is the son of Mark Chernoff, a long-time radio broadcaster who introduced him to baseball when he was a small child.

Mike, like his father, has been encouraging his boys to play baseball, not only because it is the sport he lives and breathes every day, but also because it brings them together as it did for him and his father.

How Mike Chernoff And Sarah Chernoff Met

Mike Chernoff met his lovely wife Sarah while they were both students at Pingry High School, where she graduated in 1999. Mrs. Chernoff was born Sarah Ariel Keil to Gordon and Wendy Keil on March 31, 1981. Heather, her sister, and Adam and Noah, her brothers, are her three siblings.

Wendy, Sarah’s mother, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 and then pancreatic cancer in December 2010. Mrs. Keil battled till her death at the age of 60 on September 27, 2011.

Sarah Chernoff went to Brown University and Northwestern University for her education. She is an employee of the Cleveland Clinic. Mike and she married in January 2009, and they have two gorgeous children, Brody, 6, and Owen, 3.


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