Sarah Sanderson is the youngest sister of the Sanderson Sisters in Hocus Pocus 2. Sarah Jessica Parker plays the role of the subject. Sarah is quite flirty and likes to “play” with people, especially males and young boys.

She has a terrible sense of humor, and it is heavily implied that “playing” with people involves torturing them or just having inappropriate connections. She would probably not be as terrible without the influence of her older sister Winifred, though, as she is fairly submissive to her.

Sarah Hocus Pocus

Despite Winifred’s displeasure, Sarah has an airhead personality and frequently says or does stupid things, but she has a special ability a voice like a siren that makes her a very strong, dangerous, and valuable witch.

She has charmed the youngsters of Salem with her voice, utilizing the song mentioned above.
She also has a one-sided crush on Max, making her an ephebophile due to their age gap and the fact that she previously harbored a love for Thackery.

Sarah has charm, and she particularly excels at seducing kids with her captivating song, “Come Little Children.”

She is also capable of creating the life potion, which enables her and her sisters to absorb the life energies of youngsters, with the aid of her sisters. Sarah can use a broom to fly as well.

She can cast spells well because she was able to use Winnie’s spell book to turn Thackery Binx into a cat.

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