Sidhu Wala was a popular Indian controversial rapper, actor, and politician, He was named Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu by his parents at birth and was the only child of his parents. The rapper was murdered by a group of assailants three days after his security was downgraded. He was 28 at the time of his death.

‘Woose Wala‘ as he was popularly called, was a self-made pop sensation. Those who knew him said he was petulant and temperamental which often landed him in many clashes with the law. Among these offenses, he was arrested for firing an AK-47 rifle during the lockdown and for his controversial song “Sanju” which was seen as promoting violence and gun culture.

Who was Sidhu Wala? What Happened to Sidhu Wala?
Who was Sidhu Wala? What Happened to Sidhu Wala?


Sidhu was also running for the polls before he died. He was running a campaign in his village Mansa and made ‘clean environment’ the main campaign theme which often went with charismatic speeches gaining the town’s people votes and support. He also focused his campaign on cancer prevention and organized free cancer camps for his village.

He began his music career in 2016and started releasing his songs on his youtube channel where most of his songs had English titles with the lyrics mainly being Punjabi with a touch of English and Hindi. He released a final track on May 15 which is ironically titled“The Last Ride”.

What Happened to Sidhu Wala?

Sidhu was traveling on Sunday, May 29 2022 when he was shot by an unidentified group of people. There is video footage of the incident which showed dozens of bullets being shot ‘sprayed’ on his car while he was driving. There were many bullet marks piercing the windscreen and the bonnet of the vehicle.

After a preliminary post-mortem was carried out, doctors found 24 bullet marks on Sidhu’s chest, feet, and abdomen according to the sources at the Punjab State Health department in Punjabi. A senior officer has revealed that there will be a medical team to do a detailed examination of the injury marks. Six people have however been detained in connection to the murder.

Thousands of his fans have gathered today Tuesday, May 31st outside his village home  Moonsa in the Mansa District to pay their last respects as he will be cremated today.

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