Why did GOT7 Leave JYP?

Why did GOT7 Leave JYP?

According to sources, GOT7 left JYP because of some speculation of mistreatment.

Jackson Wang of GOT7 has divulged some details about his terms and conditions while working for JYP Entertainment. He explained why his solo albums couldn’t be released or promoted in South Korea.

Jackson Wang and the other members of GOT7 parted ways with JYP Entertainment in January 2021, after seven years with the company.

“I could work anywhere except Korea, that was the arrangement,” Jackson Wang explained. Since my contract expired, I’ve been trying to resurrect what I’ve accomplished over the last four years.”

For a long time, fans of the band have suspected JYP Entertainment of mistreating GOT7. The seven members of the group split up once the contract expired

After the GOT7 disbanded on January 29, 2021, Jackson teased his first single, Alone. Last Piece was GOT7’s last album with JYP Entertainment.

Despite the fact that the band has left the record label, GOT7 members will retain the rights to their music and the name “GOT7.”

GOT7 split after their contract expired, and the members are now pursuing separate careers in music. Kim Yugyeom has signed with AOMG, a hip-hop and R&B label that also represents Lee Hi, Punchnello, Gray, Loco, Woo Won-jae, and a slew of other artists.

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