Why did Juan Soto Turn Down his Contract?

The news that outfielder Juan Soto, one of the best young players in the game, had turned down an extension offer from the Washington Nationals worth 14 years and $440 million emerged early on Saturday morning, causing the Major League Baseball world to go into an uproar.

Juan Soto
Juan Soto

After the conclusion of this season, Soto will still be under the control of the team for a further two years before he can become a free agent. If he had agreed to the terms of the offer, the Nationals could have kept the 24-year-old player under contract until he was 38 years old.

This is not the first piece of Soto-related news to break this year. Earlier on in the current campaign, Buster Olney of ESPN stated that the Nationals were willing to investigate the possibility of trading their all-world outfielder.

Washington did all in their power to put an end to the speculations by claiming that they weren’t actively shopping Soto to other teams.

How Long is Juan Soto’s Contract?

The most recent offering, a 15-year extension worth $440 million, which would have been the richest contract in the history of Major League Baseball, was turned down.

As a consequence of this, rumors started circulating on Saturday that the Nationals would be open to trading Soto, who won’t be eligible for free agency until 2025.


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