Yimi Garcia, a free agent right-handed reliever, was signed to a two-year, $11 million agreement by the Blue Jays.

Garcia pitched with the Marlins during part of the 2021 season, posting a 3.47 ERA with 15 saves before being transferred to Houston at the Trade Deadline.

Garcia struggled with the Astros down the stretch, with a 5.48 ERA and seven runs allowed in five innings in the ALDS and ALCS, but he pitched four clean innings in the World Series.

Garcia is a more aggressive move in the relief market than we’re used to seeing from the Blue Jays, while he fits their conventional blueprint.

In recent years, Toronto has searched closer to the bottom of the bullpen market, frequently finding exceptional value on smaller agreements, but a multi-year reliever guarantee is unusual for this organization, both in recent practice and throughout its history.

However, as the Blue Jays enter their competitive window with money to spend and even more motivation to spend it, this is an expected shift in attitude.

The Blue Jays are coming off a 91-71 season in which they finished just one game short of a playoff berth on the last day, and their bullpen is definitely an area where they can improve.

Garcia represents both depth and upside.

Where Does Yimi García Play Now?

Yimi García plays for the Toronto Blue Jays.



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