Alexis Quinn Girlfriend: Is Alexis Quinn Dating?

Alexis Quinn

Late on Saturday night, gunfire erupted on a busy street in Philadelphia, and authorities have now named three of the people who were murdered as a result of the incident.

On June 4 at around 11:30 p.m., officers were on patrol nearby when they heard numerous gunshots originating from the 400 block of South Street, according to police.

As a result of the gunshots, hundreds of people who had congregated in the vicinity ran away from it as the police reacted. After the gunfire had ceased, first responders immediately began treating those who had been injured.

The investigation into the shooting is still ongoing, but police have focused their attention on a video that appeared on social media in the hours following the shooting and showed a confrontation that involved at least three individuals.

According to Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, one of the male victims who was shot and killed may have been engaged in a dispute that she believes may have been the ‘genesis’ of the shooting.

She made this assertion in a statement. According to Outlaw, two of the individuals who were fighting each other exchanged gunshots, and both of them were injured.

In total, 14 people were injured in the shooting that occurred. After some time, three of them passed away at local hospitals.

The cause of death for 27-year-old Alexis Quinn was determined to be dead at Jefferson Hospital just before midnight.

Is Alexis Quinn Dating?

There are no reports indicating who Alex has dated in the past.

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