Alexis Quinn Children: Does Alexis Quinn Have A Son Or Daughter?

Alexis Quinn

Gunfire erupted on a prominent Philadelphia street late Saturday night, killing three people and injuring several others.


Several gunshots were reported coming from the 400 block of South Street at 11:30 p.m. on June 4th, according to police reports.


As the shooting erupted, officers rushed to the scene to assist the frightened crowd.

First responders began treating the injured as soon as the shooting ceased. There had been a total of 14 victims of gunshot wounds.


After they arrived at the hospital, three of them passed away.

Jefferson Hospital pronounced Alexis Quinn, 27, deceased just before midnight.

During the investigation into the shooting, police pointed to a specific video on social media that showed a brawl involving at least three persons in the immediate aftermath of the incident.

That dispute, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw claims, was the “genesis” of the shooting that left two men dead in the city’s South Philadelphia neighborhood.

According to Outlaw, the two guys involved in the fight traded gunshots and both were wounded.


A man in a white shirt appears to pull out a gun as two people approach a third person away from the throng in the video.


After a brief struggle between the three, shooting erupts and the individual recording appears to drop their phone to find shelter.

Does Alexis Quinn Have A Son Or Daughter?

Alexis Quinn does not have any son or daughter that is available to us.


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