What is Greg Zuerlein farthest kick?

Last offseason, Zuerlein signed with the New York Jets, leaving the Dallas Cowboys. Zuerlein will need to increase his accuracy to be a reliable fantasy starter, especially given that he is now part of a poorer offense and kicks in a more difficult environment. Since 2018, he hasn’t had a field goal percentage of higher than 82.9%, and he missed a career-high six extra points in 2018.

In Sunday’s preseason triumph over the Giants, 31-27, Zuerlein kicked a field goal from 49 yards and four extra points. At New York’s training camp, Zuerlein bested Eddy Pineiro in a kicking battle, and he displayed the same combination of precision and power that helped him win. In 2022, the Jets’ offense may rely heavily on the experienced kicker due to a dearth of proven red-zone scorers.

Adam Schefter of ESPN says that with the release of Eddy Pineiro on Tuesday, Zuerlein is the only kicker on the Jets’ roster. Zuerlein entered camp as the clear frontrunner and emerged as the victor.

Though his leg is still strong, he may never again see the same workload he had with the Rams and Cowboys. Second-year quarterback Zach Wilson, who will miss the start of the season after having meniscus surgery in mid-August, is one of many Jets whose value will depend on his development.

What is Greg Zuerlein farthest kick?

Greg Zuerlein farthest kick is 60 yards. The 60 yards that Zuerlein kicked against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 4 broke his earlier-set franchise record of 58 yards. For 14 years, Jeff Wilkins had held the record for farthest field goal recorded before it was broken by that kick. In doing so, he made NFL history as the first player to ever kick field goals of 60 and 50+ yards in the same game.

According to NFL Research, the 60-yard field goal was the longest game-winning kick in postseason history.