David Bednar Parents: Who Are David Bednar Parents?

Bednar made his professional debut in 2021. Bednar had one of the best rookie seasons in Pirates history for relief pitchers in his first complete MLB season, and all indicators point to his becoming a key part of the Pirate bullpen moving forward.

This past season, Bednar pitched 60.2 innings in 61 games for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

He pitched to a 2.23 ERA, 2.69 FIP, and 0.74 HR/9 home run rate. Bednar only walked 8.0 percent of hitters he faced, but he struck out 32.5 percent of those he faced

Bednar was on the injured list for the month of September. This spell on the IL, on the other hand, was most likely to assist him to manage his workload and limit the amount of innings/work put on his arm in a lost season.

Bednar has the potential to be an All-Star reliever for the Pittsburgh Pirates in the future.

In 2022 and beyond, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Pittsburgh native establish himself as the go-to guy in high-stakes scenarios.

The day Bednar takes the field when Renegade blasts from the PNC Park loudspeakers in a key late-season game will be a lot of fun, as will the postseason games.

Who Are David Bednar Parents?

Andrew and Sue Bednar are David Bednar’s Parents. After leading Sto-Rox to their first WPIAL Championship final the previous season, David’s father Andrew was recruited to pitch for Cornell University.