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Despite the fact that Joe Flacco is no longer the New York Jets’ main draw, his contract is still a hot topic because of his notoriety.

The 2013 Super Bowl champion and 2008 Rookie of the Year is currently with the Jets as he approaches retirement after a great career.

He extended his commitment to the NFL and increased his pay when he signed a new contract with the Jets in 2021.

Joe Flacco
Joe Flacco

A new one-year contract that Flacco signed in March 2021 saw his income jump to a total of 7.5 million US dollars.

The total amount of the transaction is 3.5 million dollars, plus four million more in bonuses and incentives.

With an original 1.5 million dollar contract, Flacco made twice as much money with the Jets the prior season.

Due to his injury history, he had neck surgery in the offseason and the uncertainty about his ability to play the entire season, he was offered a low-paying contract.

Although he wasn’t able to start, he had some remarkable stats when he did, including 864 yards thrown, six touchdowns, and three interceptions.

How Much Does Joe Flacco Make?

Joe Flacco makes an average of $3.5 million per year. Flacco’s cap hit in 2022 is $3,385,294 and includes his base salary of $1,120,000, signing bonus of $1,730,000, and roster bonus of $650,000.

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