What Position Does Stephen Vogt?

Stephen Vogt was born to Randy and Toni Vogt on November 1, 1984. Stephen has an older brother named Danny.

Toni Vogt was the owner and president of the PRISM Weight Loss Program, and Randy Vogt was an accountant.

Stephen Vogt

Vogt was a student at Central Valley Christian Schools (CVC), where his father Randy served as the Cavaliers baseball team’s head coach.

Since 1998, when Vogt was a seventh-grader and the team’s batboy, Randy has served as the team’s head coach.

Vogt joined the team as a player in high school and over the course of his four years there set records for lifetime walks (79) and consecutive steals (65), as well as second-best career numbers for hits (160) and runs (147).

He received the 2003 East Sierra League Most Valuable Player award. Vogt graduated from CVC in 2003, and when his senior year came to an end, he was not given much consideration by potential college baseball teams, which he partly ascribed to the school’s small stature.

His father played baseball at Fresno State, where he had always wanted to play, but the school turned him down.

What Position Does Stephen Vogt?

Stephen Vogt plays as a Catcher for the Oakland Athletics of Major League Baseball.