Jean Segura Wife: Is Jean Segura Married? Who Is Jean Segura Wife, Kellen Segura?

Is Jean Segura Married?

Yes. Jean is Married to Kellen Segura.

Who Is Jean Segura Wife, Kellen Segura?

Kellen Segura, Jean Segura’s wife, is the mother of their son Juan Diego. She was born in the country of Venezuela. We don’t know how Jean met her, but she appears to now reside in the Dominican Republic.

Jean grew up in the Dominican Republic’s San Juan province, so I’m guessing she still resides there. “Mi consentida,” as Jean refers to her, means “my pampered one.” It’s a cute nickname, and I’m sure Mr. Segura spoils her because she’s always smiling.

The Seguras suffered a heartbreaking loss in July of 2014. Their nine-month-old son died. Jean Segura’s wife was in the Dominican Republic at the time of the incident.

Janniel was the name of their kid. Carlos Gomez claimed he felt terrible for his friend, Jean, after the incident. It’s tough to comprehend Jean and Kellen’s anguish.

Kellen returned a week later to a standing ovation from the audience. All of his teammates tried to console and support him, but they kept quiet about it. Everyone was concerned about his well-being.

Kellen was likely given space and privacy by the media, which did not highlight her. It had to be really difficult for him.

The Seguras, on the other hand, now live their own lives and appear to be content with their adored son. Juan Diego, Jean claims, is his purpose for living.

He’s a very attractive young man. Jean Segura’s wife, like their child, laughs at the funny faces Jean makes. Jean occasionally shares photos and videos of the entire family.

Kellen attends baseball games with the child when she has the opportunity.