What Happened To Joe Adell?

Jo Adell

If you are a fan of Joe Adell, you might have heard what happened to the young baseball player. If you have not yet heard, check out this article.

The former top prospect was sent down to the Triple-A level on Tuesday as his contemporaries all around him were having success despite the fact that he had gotten off to yet another slow start.

Before the Angels’ game against the Red Sox on Tuesday, outfielder Jo Adell stepped off the club aircraft at Logan Airport and headed to the ballpark. A few members of the support personnel unpacked his attire inside the guest clubhouse at Fenway Park.

Adell addressed the media while standing in front of his locker. While he was practicing his swing on the field, he knocked a couple of balls into the spectator seating. A few kids called out his name, and he graciously signed autographs for all of them.

The impression that he conveyed was that he was a player in the major leagues. The fact that Adell changed out of his uniform and left the stadium just before the start of the game was the only indication that he has been demoted to a lower level of professional baseball.

On Wednesday, he will go on a commercial trip to Salt Lake City to join the Triple-A Salt Lake Bees.