Miguel Sánchez Age: How Old Is Miguel Sánchez?

Miguel Angel Sánchez is a Major League Baseball pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers of the Dominican Republic. In 2016, the Brewers signed him as an international free agent.

How Old Is Miguel Sánchez?

Miguel Sánchez is 28 years old. He was born on December 31, 1993.


Sanchez is a Dominican Republic right-handed reliever who could be another successful foreign signing for the Crew. Since signing with the Brewers in 2016, he’s been working his way through the minor league system.

Miguel Sánchez giving Brewers a boost after callup
Miguel Sánchez

Sanchez had a 3.67 ERA, 1.22 WHIP, 10.6 strikeouts per 9 innings, and 2.56 strikeouts for every walk he allowed in the minors when he was promoted to the big leagues.

Sánchez has an imposing presence in relief at 6’3″ and 205 pounds, but his stuff isn’t particularly overpowering.

With a low-90s fastball with late drop that has been shown to mislead (small league) hitters and a sweeping mid-80s changeup, he fought his way up through the minors.

Sánchez has put a few MPH on each pitch in his recent years of development, which has bolstered his major league case.

The boost in velocity helps him with his off-power skills, which he previously relied on.

The most notable characteristics are 1) a deceptive 3/4 release point that confuses right-handed batters and results in a high number of strikeouts in the minors, and 2) late pitch movement that results in more strikeouts or low-quality contact.

Sánchez also has a mid-70s curveball, and it will be intriguing to see if he incorporates it into his major league pitching arsenal.

In his growth, he’s struggled to throw the curveball in the zone, and he’s focused on improving the power of his fastball and changeup.

Sánchez is unlikely to strike out 13 or more batters per nine innings against major league competition like he did in the minors. Even in Triple-A, he was striking out at a significantly lower rate (9.3 in 2019 and 8.9 in 2021).

Sánchez’ stuff will likely hold up in the majors since it is driven into the ground or hit for bad contact, continuing his minor league growth as a groundball pitcher with a strikeout rate that was remarkable in the lower minors and serviceable at Triple-A.