Ronny Henriquez Age: How Old Is Ronny Henriquez?

Ronny Henriquez

A slider and a changeup are the two more pitches that Henriquez has at his disposal in his repertoire. It is possible for his slider to be a successful pitch when it is working, particularly for a right-handed batter when it is put on the outside edge of the plate.

However, the pitch as a whole is quite uninspiring at the present due to his shaky command of it as well as its lack of consistent bite. This is the main reason why the pitch is underwhelming.

Ronny Henriquez
Ronny Henriquez

As for his changeup, well, it’s his third pitch, and based on the videos I’ve watched of him pitching, he almost never throws it to right-handed batters and only reluctantly throws it to left-handed batters.

In a nutshell, Henriquez only possesses one pitch that is of Major League Baseball standard at the moment, which calls into doubt his future as a starter. If he can maintain the same level of effectiveness with at least his slider, he might have a chance to remain in the rotation.

Despite this, his command of the strike zone as a whole is inconsistent, even with his fastball.

Henriquez’s career in the minor leagues has spanned three seasons, and while he has never had a strikeout rate that is lower than 26 percent, his walk rate has fluctuated around 6-7 percent, which is equivalent to approximately three walks per nine innings.

If he wants to keep his starting position, he is going to have to work very hard to improve his command.

How Old Is Ronny Henriquez?

Ronny Henriquez is 22 years old. He was born on June 20, 2000.