Graham Gano Children: Does Graham Gano Have Any Kids?

Graham Gano is a popular NFL star and the husband and father to an amazing family. He is a good husband and father, and in addition to doing his best for his team, he does everything he can to ensure that his family is happy.

Does Graham Gano Have Any Kids?

Graham Gano, the kicker for the New York Giants, and his wife, Brittany Gano, have recently become proud parents to identical twin daughters.

On Friday morning, Gano made the announcement on his Instagram page, stating that the twins were born just after midnight. He also included a photo of the two of them.

Graham Gano Children
Graham Gano Children

Gano added a caption saying “Shortly before midnight last night I became the happiest man in the world. My incredible wife @britgano9 gave birth to our two daughters! Everyone is healthy and well. My heart is filled with joy and emotions that I cannot even begin to describe. Thank you to everyone for the constant prayers. The Lord has blessed us with these wonderful gifts and I am forever grateful.” 

Gano and his wife now have a total of five children, three boys, and two girls, as a result of the birth of their set of twins.

Their first boy, who they called Bryson Gano, was born in 2011, their second son was born in 2014, their third child was born in April 2017 and their twins were born in September 2019