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Darrel Williams, a former running back for the Kansas City Chiefs, was signed by the Arizona Cardinals this past week, bolstering the running back depth behind starter James Conner.

Williams played four seasons for the Chiefs before agreeing to a one-year contract.

With more than 1,000 total yards from scrimmage in 2021, he had his best season. He was also one of only seven players in the league to have at least 500 rushing yards and 400 receiving yards.

Williams agreed to a one-year contract worth just under $1.19 million. A signing bonus to the tune of $152,500 was made available to him. He will receive a salary of $1.04 million, $895,000 of which is entirely guaranteed.

Williams’ contract is similar to those of many other players on the team. Since his deal is eligible for the veteran benefit, the cap hit is lower than the amount actually paid out, which is unusual for one-year contracts.

His cap hit will only be $1.05 million, despite the fact that he will be paid a total of roughly $1.19 million. That equates to a $140,000 ceiling saving.

How Much Does Darrel Williams Make?

The average amount Darrel Williams makes each year is $1,187,500. Williams will get a base salary of $1,035,000 and a signing bonus of $152,500 in 2022. His cap hit will be $1,047,500, and his dead cap value will be the same amount.