What Is Keston Hiura Salary: How Much Does Keston Hiura Make?

Hiura had an immediate impact in 2019, hitting .303/.368/.570 with 19 home runs and nine steals in 84 games, instantly establishing himself as one of the team’s top offensive players and a guy who appeared to be a franchise cornerstone for years to come.

However, his 138 OPS+ masks a 30.8 percent strikeout rate, and as the whiffs rose and his .402 BABIP dropped during the pandemic-shortened 2020 season, and his batting line plummeted.

 Keston Hiura
Keston Hiura

Hiura still led the team with 13 home runs in 59 games last season, but he also led the National League with 85 strikeouts and a .212/.297/.410 slash for an OPS+ of 87, which was significantly below average.

Hiura was given the burden of rebounding back at the plate as well as mastering the new position of first base in 2021, and he has failed miserably at both.

He was assessed a -1 Defensive Runs mark after three blunders. So far, he’s been saved in the frigid corner, but his difficulties at the bat have only gotten worse.

Hiura routinely swings through hittable pitches in the middle of the strike zone;

his 59.1 percent zone contact rate is the lowest in MLB by 8 percentage points, and his 24.1 percent swinging-strike rate is the league’s worst by nearly four percentage points among players with 100 plate appearances this season.


How Much Does Keston Hiura Make?

Keston Hiura makes an annual average salary of $705,100.