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At the University of California, Berkeley, Hawkins was a force to be reckoned with on defense, earning honorable mentions for all Pac-12 teams in 2019. With 56 tackles, two sacks, and two forced fumbles, he was second on the team in interceptions.

When viewing a highlight reel of Hawkins, the first thing that stands out about his performance is his ability to make plays in the open field as well as come into the box as a run stuffer.

The one-handed interception that Hawkins made against Stanford was particularly impressive among his many plays down the field. When viewed in context, the play clearly demonstrates how quickly he moved his hips in order to respond to the ball.

Despite his adaptability, Hawkins’s not-so-great speed raises doubts about his ball-hawking abilities. Because playing free safety demands you be adept at finding the ball, it would be crucial for him to work on developing that aspect of his game. 

When he’s in the box, Hawkins has the potential to be an even more reliable player on the field. His size frame (6’1 inches tall and 208 pounds) is good for a player in possible run-downs, and if you need him to blitz the quarterback, he is capable of doing it.

Jaylinn Hawkins Position

Jaylinn Hawkins plays as a safety. He is currently with the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL.

Who Drafted Jaylinn Hawkins?

Jaylinn Hawkins was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in the fourth round of the 2020 NFL Draft as the 134th overall pick.

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