What Is Sua Opeta Salary: How Much Does Sua Opeta Make?

Sua Opeta

The Eagles have had to deal with many injuries along their offensive line, and as a result, they have elevated a player from their practice squad to their active roster.

Sua Opeta was added to the Eagles’ 53-man roster on Wednesday, as announced by the team.

Opeta has been a member of the Eagles since he signed with them in 2019 as an undrafted free agent after coming out of Weber State.

Sua Opeta has spent time on the active roster as well as the practice squad, but he played in a total of eight games during the previous season, including two starts at left guard positions.

Although he did not make the Eagles’ initial 53-man roster for the 2018 season, he made the decision to stay in Philadelphia and participate in the team’s practice squad.

The Eagles have added two players to their practice squad as a result of Opeta’s promotion to the active roster. These players are defensive end Cameron Malveaux and tackle Casey Tucker.

How Much Does Sua Opeta Make?

Sua Opeta makes an average of $762,500 per year. Opeta will make a basic salary of $965,000 in 2022, with a cap hit of the same amount.