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Matthew Montgomery Barkley (born September 8, 1990) is an American football quarterback for the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at USC and was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the fourth round of the 2013 NFL Draft. He has also played for the Chicago Bears, Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, Cincinnati Bengals, Tennessee Titans, and Carolina Panthers.

On October 31, 2018, Barkley was signed by the Buffalo Bills. On November 11, it was announced that he would start for the Bills against the New York Jets over Nathan Peterman with starter Josh Allen injured. Barkley, making his first NFL start in two years, threw 232 yards and two touchdown passes as Buffalo beat the Jets 41–10, snapping the team’s four-game losing streak. On December 21, 2018, Barkley signed a two-year contract extension with the Bills through the 2020 season.

In Week 4 of the 2019 season, Barkley came into the game against the New England Patriots to relieve Josh Allen, who had experienced an in-game head injury. He passed for 127 yards and one interception in the 16–10 loss. He made one other appearance in Week 17 against the New York Jets, where he passed for 232 yards and two interceptions in relief of Allen in the 13–6 loss.

During the 2020 season, Barkley saw action in five regular season games and threw his first touchdown pass since the 2018 season, a 56-yard completion to wide receiver Gabe Davis, during the season’s final game against the Miami Dolphins. Barkley finished the regular season completing 11 of 21 passes for 197 yards, one touchdown, and one interception.

Barkley signed a two-year contract with the Tennessee Titans on August 5, 2021. He was released on September 1, 2021, and re-signed to the practice squad. On November 10, 2021, Barkley was signed by the Carolina Panthers off the Titans’ practice squad. He was waived on December 28.

On December 29, 2021, Barkley was claimed off waivers by the Atlanta Falcons. He was waived on January 4, 2022, and re-signed to the practice squad. His contract expired when the team’s season ended on January 9, 2022. On March 21, 2022, the Buffalo Bills signed Barkley to a one-year contract.

On August 26, 2022, in the Bills’ last preseason game against the Carolina Panthers, Barkley served as the team’s punter in addition to seeing substantial playing time at quarterback. Barkley punted four times in the game, including a 53-yard punt. He was released on August 30, 2022, and signed to the practice squad the next day.

Contract and Salary

He signed a 4 year, $96,000,000 contract, including a $21,500,000 signing bonus, $70,000,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $24,000,000.

Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of between $1 million to $3 million.


He is 6 feet tall



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2020Buffalo Bills16127153512.15587357.5205
2019Minnesota Vikings1563113017.96664165.1208
2018Minnesota Vikings151021021107594948132
2017Minnesota Vikings146484913.35984265.6143
2016Minnesota Vikings138490310.84634756103
2015Minnesota Vikings135272013.84043159.6131


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2021Buffalo Bills17
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Kick Return

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2021Buffalo Bills17
2020Buffalo Bills16
2019Minnesota Vikings15
2018Minnesota Vikings15
2017Minnesota Vikings14
2016Minnesota Vikings13
2015Minnesota Vikings13122222201000

Punt Return

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2021Buffalo Bills17
2020Buffalo Bills16
2019Minnesota Vikings15
2018Minnesota Vikings15
2017Minnesota Vikings14
2016Minnesota Vikings136457.51900010
2015Minnesota Vikings13


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He is 83 kg