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Is Boom Boom Mancini Related to Trey?

Boom Boom Mancini and Trey Mancini are not related in any way.


Ray Mouton, a family friend, gave Trey Mancini a moniker when he was around 8 years old that has stuck with him ever since.

Mouton, whose son was Little League classmates with Trey, began nicknamed the blossoming slugger “Boom Boom” since he shared a last name with renowned boxer Ray Mancini.

Ray Mancini, who won three consecutive WBA lightweight titles in the early 1980s, had the same moniker.

Mancini and another friend evolved into formidable forces in the midst of their Little League lineup a few years later.

Because “we were both huge 12-year-olds who liked hitting home runs,” teammates dubbed the other child “Bam Bam” and Trey “Boom Boom.”

During Mancini’s undergraduate years at Notre Dame, the nickname remained, eventually turning into “Boomer.”

Now fast forward to today, when Mancini termed the nickname “an easy pick” for Players’ Weekend. This will be Mancini’s second consecutive Players’ Weekend, but as one of MLB’s 30 team ambassadors, it will be the first time he has taken a leadership role.

During the three-day event, slated for Aug. 23-25, Mancini, as the Orioles’ ambassador, will take the lead in pushing the program and his teammates’ efforts.

Mancini stated, “It’s always a pretty great event.” “It lets the fans see a little bit of how we are off the field as well, which is a very great thing.”

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