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Melvin Emanuel is a former professional baseball outfielder from the United States. He was a member of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays / Rays, Atlanta Braves, San Diego Padres, and Toronto Blue Jays in Major League Baseball (MLB).

Melvin Upton Jr., a free agent outfielder who was known as B.J. Upton for his first ten MLB seasons, wants to reclaim his moniker.

 B.J. Upton
B.J. Upton

Melvin Emanuel Upton Sr., Upton’s father, goes by Manny but is known as Bossman, hence B.J. stands for Bossman Junior. But before the 2015 season, the younger Upton decided he didn’t want to be B.J. anymore.


“Except at the stadium, no one actually calls me B.J.,” Upton told reporters, noting that his pals prefer to call him Melvin or Mel.



That year, while playing with his brother Justin, he adopted the stage name Melvin Jr. Now he’s changed his mind and decided to go by B.J. once more.

But it’s possible that how Upton wants to be named on a roster in the future won’t matter. His most recent playing experience was with the Giants at Triple A, when he appeared in 12 games.

Last year, he was in spring training with the Indians but didn’t make the team, thus B.J.’s final MLB appearance may have been as Melvin with the Blue Jays in 2016.

What Does BJ Stand For BJ Upton?

B.J. stands for Bossman Junior, a play on his father’s nickname of the same name.

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