Domingo Germán Wife: Is Domingo Germán Married?

Germán was born in the Dominican Republic but has Haitian descent through his mother.

Germán and his partner went to a charity gala that was held in September 2019 by CC Sabathia, who was a teammate at the time. 

A significant number of Germán’s 2019 teammates were also there with their families for the event. 

There were reports that Germán slapped his fiancée when they were at the celebration, but the Major League Baseball inquiry focused mostly on what took place at his home later that night. 

Multiple league sources, including a person with knowledge of the MLB investigation, claim that Germán was intoxicated when he got physically hostile against his fiancée, forcing her to hide in a locked room until he was arrested for the incident. 

It is said that she made contact with the wife of one of Germán’s colleagues, and the two made their way to Germán’s residence late at night. 

She remained with the teammate’s wife as the player sought to calm down Germán, who is reported to have been irate and aggressive. 

Germán’s girlfriend disclosed the event to a separate member of the Yankees staff, who then went on to report it to Major League Baseball. She did not contact any law enforcement officials.

 Is Domingo Germán Married?

Domingo Germán is not married but he has been with his girlfriend Mara Vega for a very long time and they have two kids together.