Who wore 47 for the Giants?

The New York Giants are a professional American football team that plays in the greater New York City area. The National Football League’s National Football Conference East division is home to the Giants. Of the first five NFL teams, only the Giants are still in operation. In the Northeastern United States, they have the longest league tenure of any franchise.

The team ranks third among NFL franchises with eight NFL championship titles under its belt, including four from the pre-Super Bowl period (1927, 1934, 1938, and 1956) and four since the Super Bowl’s debut. In addition, it has won eight NFL championships and has made more Super Bowl appearances (19) than any other team.

The team also goes by a variety of nicknames, including “Big Blue,” “G-Men,” and “Jints,” a purposely misspelled contraction that is frequently found in the New York Post and New York Daily News and is derived from the New York baseball team. Although it was mostly used to characterize the Giants’ defense in the 1980s and early 1990s, the term “Big Blue Wrecking Crew” is occasionally used to apply to the club as a whole.

The team’s rivalry with the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East, which began in 1933, has been hailed as the best in the NFL in the twenty-first century

Who wore 47 for the Giants?

Greg Jackson wore number 47 for the Giants. He played from 1989 to 1993.