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Sean Doolittle whose real name is Sean Robert Doolittle is a professional American Baseball pitcher of Major League Baseball who plays for the Washington Nationals of Major League Baseball. Sean Doolittle was known to have been born on September 26, 1986, in Rapid City, South Dakota in the United States. He was previously linked to the Oakland Athletics, Cincinnati Reds, and Seattle Mariners where he played baseball as well. Sean is a 2019 World Series winner with the Nationals.

The Oakland Athletics were known to have selected Doolittle in the year 2007 in the first round of the MLB draft pick. With them, he made his first appearance in the year 2012 as a pitcher at the time. In the years 2014 and 2018, he was known to be an All-Star.

He began his interest in baseball right from college, just like any other baseballer who always has a feel of the college baseball life, and if they prove and deem themselves worthy enough they prolong to the big leagues. Before his majors, he had his minor league career first with the Oakland Athletics. He gained promotion to the major league still with the Athletics on June 5, 2012. His first appearance in the majors was against the Texas Rangers.

Sean Doolittle
Sean Doolittle

Is Sean Doolittle Related To Jimmy Doolittle?

Doolittle is not an uncle far away as he had long believed, but a seventh cousin. Jimmy Doolittle is an American military officer and aviation pioneer who was known to have been awarded the Medal of Honor for his risky raid on Japan during World War II. December 14, 1896, saw the birth of James.