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The Los Angeles Angels is a professional baseball team situated in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The Angels are considered to compete in Major League Baseball as a member club of the American League in the West division. The home of the stadium is called Angel Stadium in Anaheim which has been in use since 1966. One Phil Nevin is the known manager at the time.

The Los Angeles Angels franchise was known to have been founded in the year 1961 by Gene Autry. It was one of those Major League Baseball’s first two expansion teams as well as being first to originate in California. The name was derived from an earlier Los Angeles Angels franchise that was known to have played in the Pacific Coast League. The team-based itself in Los Angeles until he moved to Anaheim in the year 1966.

The name Los Angeles became official in the year 2016 season. They were known to win the World Series in the year 2002 at the time which was indeed their very first championship appearance at the time till date. They are known to be one of three Major League Baseball franchises to win their sole appearance in the World Series.

Long Beach at the Time
Long Beach At The Time

Will the Angels move To Long Beach?

There are no official indications or updates about the move to Long Beach. However, The Anaheim City Council’s request that the Angels not proceed with the sale of Angel Stadium was granted on Friday. The city of Long Beach redoubled its efforts to woo the Angels on Wednesday morning, just 12 hours after the Anaheim City Council killed the sale of Angel Stadium.

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