Ronny Henriquez Height: How Tall Is Ronny Henriquez?

Ronny Henriquez

As part of the deal that sent Mitch Garver to the Rangers on Saturday afternoon, Ronny Henriquez was acquired by the Minnesota Twins. Mitch Garver was traded to the Rangers.

He throws a right-handed fastball with a lot of fire, but due to his small stature, the long-term projection for him is as more of a reliever. However, he possesses the kind of arm that would be ideal for the Twins’ minor league development system.

Ronny Henriquez
Ronny Henriquez

Henriquez’s fastball sits comfortably in the middle of the 90s on a consistent basis. Even if its spin rate and other concrete data are difficult to pin down, its overall shape is comparable to those of successful fastballs in recent Major League Baseball games:

It is most effective when played high in the zone and gives the impression of having good carry, which gives the impression that it is rising in the action.

This is something that Henriquez is able to accomplish by getting on top of his fastball right before it is released.

He uses a three-quarter arm slot, but at the same time, he leans his trunk to the side, which enables him to generate more vertical spin on his heater and creates the impression that it is carrying more weight.

If it isn’t already, his fastball will soon be a legitimate offering in the Major League Baseball (MLB), although his secondary stuff needs some improvement.

How Tall Is Ronny Henriquez?

Ronny Henriquez is 1.78 m tall.