Gleyber Torres Parents: Meet Ibelise Castro and Eusebio Torres

Gleyber Torres who was born and raised in Caracas is a son to parents, Eusebio Torres and Ibelise Castro. When at an early age, Gleyber Torres told his parents that he intended to devote his life to baseball full-time, his father, Eusebio, expressed his support while also stating his expectations.

Gleyber David Torres is a professional Venezuelan baseball shortstop and second baseman who was born on December 13, 1996. He was known to be an All-Star in the year 2018 and 2019 respectively. Gleyber currently plays for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball. He was traded from the Chicago Cubs.

His early days began when he was known to have grown up in a middle-class household. At the age of four years, Gleyber began having an interest in baseball and began playing as a center fielder, catcher, pitcher, and shortstop at the time. The passion he had for watching games On TV and other stars grew. According to reports he also had a thing with basketball during high school.

At 14 years, he had a place at Maracay to enroll in an academy that had contacts with Major League Baseball scouts. From there the Chicago Cubs sought him out and had a contract agreement with the team.


Who are Gleyber Torres’s Parents?

Meet Ibelise Castro and Eusebio Torres Parents of Gleyber Torres. His parents were keen supporters of his baseball career. As stated earlier, his parents were expecting a lot from him when he professed his desire for baseball.

“I told Gleyber, ‘Well, son, you can’t just be an average player. You have to be a player that’s always in the top spots, always aiming for good things,'” His father recounted.