Daniel Castano Age: How Old Is Daniel Castano?

When Summer Camp started, Daniel Castano was an unexpected addition to the 2020 big league team, but as we all know, nothing happened according to plan during the pandemic-shortened regular season.

Daniel Castano’s position on the 2021 Marlins is still up in the air, despite the fact that he was a contribution the 2020 Marlins couldn’t have done without.

The fifth position on the 2021 pitching staff was up for grabs going into Spring Training this year. Castano, Nick Neidert, and Trevor Rogers were anticipated to engage in combat.

Daniel Castano
Daniel Castano

Then, veteran lefty Gio González, a native of South Florida, was signed by the Marlins as a free agent.

Castano’s status for the Marlins is uncertain as Opening Day approaches because it now appears doubtful that he will take over as the starter.

Castano has played in three games so far this spring, one as a starter and two as a reliever. In his second game, Castano came out of the bullpen, and in his two innings of work, the Washington Nationals pushed him around.

The following week, though, he recovered, pitching 22 and 3 innings and preventing anyone from reaching base.

In 2020, Castano was greatly relied upon, particularly when the Marlins had to make up games that had been postponed due to the virus outbreak.

Four of those doubleheaders would include him. Among Marlins pitchers who did not join the team at the start of the season, he had the second-highest 3.03 ERA across 29 innings.

Given that Castano’s average fastball sits at 89 MPH and he rarely strikes out batters, his year-end figures were a welcome surprise.

How Old Is Daniel Castano?

Daniel Castano was born on September 17, 1994. He is 27 years old.