How good is Taron Johnson?

There are several facets to Sean McDermott’s Buffalo Bills defense, which we’ve grown accustomed to over the years.

The most well-known is the changing of the guards and defensive backs on the defensive line. Nevertheless, there is also Taron Johnson on the team.

The Buffalo Bills consider the slot cornerback position to be a starter role. Not every defense is like that, but the Bills are.

It was for this reason that the club considered it necessary to extend Johnson’s contract. He does a great job in a crucial position.

How good is Taron Johnson?

As a matter of fact, he performed so admirably that his name was included among the top inside defenders. According to the experts at NFL Wire, Johnson is the eighth-best slot cornerback in the league.

Johnson had a breakout season in 2020 and is known as one of the league’s top slot defenders thanks to two pick-sixes (one for 51 yards against Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers in Week 14 and another for 101 yards against Lamar Jackson and the Ravens in Buffalo’s divisional-round triumph).

The 2018 fourth-round pick from Weber State put on a show, and Johnson seems determined to prove that 2020 was no fluke. Johnson let opponents complete 43 of 76 passes attempted in the slot for 514 yards, 295 yards after the catch, two scores, one interception, and a passer rating of 80.7 in 2017-18.

Johnson’s fearlessness while going up against much bigger receivers is one reason why he’s so essential to Buffalo’s defense.

In addition to his interception, Johnson also had eight pass breakups, demonstrating his click and close ability. In Week 5 against the Chiefs, he completely shut down Tyreek Hill on a fast stop route that was expected to result in yards after the catch.