Who Is Símon Muzziotti Girlfriend?

Símon Muzziotti

Simon Muzziotti may have made more progress in 2020. Muzziotti’s path to the majors appeared to be clear prior to spring training, as center field was the only outfield position that had not been locked down.

The fact that he won’t be able to enter the country until March put a damper on the flames, but he wasn’t going to overtake anyone on the depth chart anyhow.

Not getting at bats in 2020 impacted him a lot, as the team is still figuring out what they have in him, despite putting him on the 40-man roster.

The minor league season has already been shortened, which is detrimental to player development

. It’s excellent that the team is (finally) putting player health first, but there are still 15-25 games left on the calendar that Muzziotti might have utilized to showcase his abilities.

That’s unfortunate, and an injury to Muzziotti would be even worse. If he misses considerable time due to an injury, he won’t be able to survive this 40-man roster shuffle.

So, like almost every other player in the bottom half of the group, he needs a healthy and productive minor league season free of protocol violations.

Who Is Símon Muzziotti Girlfriend?

Símon Muzziotti is dating  Sarahi who lives in the Dominican Republic. She is pregnant and expecting their baby according to reports.