What Is Brandon Woodruff Salary: How Much Does Brandon Woodruff Make?

Brandon Woodruff was the Brewers’ ace pitcher heading into 2020. After two games, he appears to be capable of leading the staff of practically any other squad.

The Brewers haven’t had a true “ace” of the pitching staff in a long time. Sure, they’ve had a player start on Opening Day every year, but when was the last time “that person” was in charge of the rotation?

Brandon Woodruff
Brandon Woodruff

Yovani Gallardo, the Brewers’ last opening pitcher in 2014? Even before that, Ben Sheets?

Jhoulys Chacin, Milwaukee’s Opening Day starter last year, didn’t even make it through the entire 2019 season.

However, after a half-decade of various pitchers starting the Brewers’ first game of the season, someone now appears capable of anchoring the pitching staff for years to come.

Brandon Woodruff, a right-hander, emerged as the Brewers’ best option in the rotation in 2019 and earned an Opening Day start the following year.

Woodruff has looked every bit at the staff ace in his first two outings this season.

You wouldn’t have guessed Woodruff would be in this position after the way things started last season. To begin 2019, he was converted to a full-time starter for the first time, and the results were mixed.

How Much Does Brandon Woodruff Make?

Brandon Woodruff makes an annual average salary of $6,800,000.