What Is Juan Then Salary: How Much Does Juan Then Make?

Juan Manuel Then, born February 7, 2000, is a Dominican professional baseball pitcher who now plays for the Seattle Mariners.

In 2016, he signed as an international free agent with the Seattle Mariners. Then and J. P. Sears was traded to the New York Yankees for Nick Rumbelow on November 18, 2017.

The Yankees traded Then to the Mariners on June 15, 2019, in exchange for Edwin Encarnación. After the 2020 season, the Mariners reinstated Then to their 40-man roster.

Physical Description: Small and bulky frame, more room for growth, and added muscle. Strong build with short arms with stocky legs. The lower half looks a bit more filled out than his upper body at the moment. Good composure on the mound and doesn’t get rattled in intense situations. Calm and collected, credited for his work ethic this past summer.

Delivery & Mechanics: Short and loose arm action. Good extension and follow through on each pitch. Grips the ball and slings it to the plate with authority, their right arm reaches his waist before it explodes out of his hand.

Looks comfortable from the wind-up and stretch, arm action doesn’t change in either scenario. Three-quarter arm slot delivery that plays well within his delivery. With consistent and repeated mechanics the majority of the time, baseball comes out a bit funky at times. Overall good approach and delivery for a pitcher his size.

Fastball: Consistent mid-90s offering with the late ride towards the top of the zone. The ball comes out explosive and a bit of late bite forces whiffs. Catches opposing batters off guard as it zips to the plate. The fastball keeps improving as velocity continues to rise, reportedly reaching 99 mph at Seattle’s alternate training site. Effective pitch with plenty of velocities and good movement. Grade: 60.

Juan Then’s salary is currently under review but he received $64,564 per year in 2016.