What is the least valued NFL team?

America’s most popular sports league is the NFL. NFL games made up all but three of the top 13 and eighty-five of the most watched sports broadcasts in 2020; the 2021 season is likely to follow suit. All 32 NFL franchises now operate as multibillion-dollar businesses thanks to their ability to capture the nation’s attention.

The annual appraisals of all 32 NFL clubs by Forbes were examined by 24/7 Wall St. to determine the most and least valuable teams in the league. Forbes evaluated each franchise’s value by taking into account its media contracts, advertising, tickets, merchandise, stadium, and other factors.

A typical NFL club is worth $3.48 billion. Some are valued significantly less than that by more than a billion dollars. It’s safe to say that one club is still valued the most at around $6.5 billion. Other teams in the league don’t even come close to matching the estimated value of the Super Bowl champions.

Despite a decline in revenues and operating profits in 2020, largely attributable to COVID-19, media deals helped increase the worth of each franchise by at least 10%. More than half of the top 50 franchises in all sports are from the National Football League. .

What is the least valued NFL team?

The Buffalo Bills are the least valued team in the NFL. The franchise’s annual growth reached 11%, while its operating profit decreased to -$17.6 million, or a negative operating income.

> Value: $2.27 billion
> Change in value from 2020: 11%
> Owner(s): Terry and Kim Pegula
> 2020 operating income: -$17.6 million
> Super Bowl wins: 0