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Zack Littell of the Giants believed it was better to ask for forgiveness than permission when he discovered he was going to get his second at-bat since high school.

Before this season, Littell had spent his entire career in the American League, and manager Gabe Kapler advised him not to swing when he was moved up to hit in Pittsburgh earlier this year.

Littell struck out looking after three fastballs. When he was called upon in the fifth inning of Friday’s game, he wasn’t about to do it again.

Littell did speak with hitting coach Donnie Ecker briefly, who advised him to attempt slamming a hit the other way into a hole at second base.

He told Buster Posey, the catcher, that he was going to get a base hit. He avoided making eye contact with Kapler, however.

When Kapler needs to ask a reliever to hit, which is becoming increasingly common with bullpen games, he always has the same concern.

Kapler is concerned about an injury, and he was still concerned after Littell hit a 97-mph single to right. On the bases, he kept a close eye on Littell, but there was nothing to be concerned about.

Is Zack Littell Married?

Zack Littell is married to Autumn Littell. They have been married for a year and they have a son together.

Who Is Zack Littell Girlfriend?

Autumn is Zack Littell’s wife. They were dating for a while but they are now married