Why did Ravens trade Shaun Wade?

Shaun Wade

Shaun Wade, a rookie cornerback, was traded by the Baltimore Ravens to the New England Patriots on Thursday, an unexpected move.

Wade was released by the franchise that had picked him before he could even put on an NFL uniform, which left many people perplexed.

Why would the Ravens lose on a man they chose 160th overall in the NFL Draft of 2021 less than four months ago? especially a player with Wade’s lofty potential.

Wade formerly held a reputation for being one of the top young cornerbacks in college football and a likely first-round draft pick. Sadly, a terrible junior season destroyed his draft prospects in 2020.

Wade was assigned to the outside cornerback position by Ohio State, a decision that backfired for both the organization and the player.

In 2020, Wade was the first FBS player to allow 30 or more completions, 500 or more receiving yards, and six or more touchdown catches. 

Wade may return to his pre-2020 form, though, if he plays his native position in the NFL, according to the Ravens. Evidently, Baltimore didn’t experience the fulfillment of that idea.

Why did Ravens trade Shaun Wade?

One of the reasons behind Shaun Wade’s move from the Ravens was his inconsistent play.
Although not primary, this was a contributing element. First things first: Shaun Wade did not perform poorly while in Baltimore.

The Ravens left the game thinking he had NFL potential, even if he had a long way to go before he reached his full potential.

Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that Wade had some difficulties this summer.

After a lackluster showing in the spring, the rookie cornerback found himself near the bottom of the roster. As for his difficulties at camp, they certainly weren’t hidden, but they also weren’t a big surprise.