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MLB barred Florial from signing for one year after learning that he had registered for school in the Dominican Republic under the guise of Haniel de Oleo.

Florial was one of the top international prospects in 2014. The Yankees signed him for $200,000 in March 2015 when he supplied a Haitian birth certificate with a slightly altered birthday.

Estevan Florial
Estevan Florial

This was a much lower price than he would have earned otherwise. Because of injuries to his hamate (right) and wrist (right) in 2018, he’s had to forfeit many chances at the plate because of an aggressive attitude at the plate.

To all fields, Florial creates above-average raw power with his bat speed and the loft in his left-handed swing.

There are questions about how effective he’ll be against major league pitching because of his inexperience with pitch recognition and tendency to pull too hard.

He had the lowest walk and strikeout percentages of his professional career in his truncated 2019 season, following a year in which he made significant strides in both areas.

Florial possesses the extra speed to be a 30-30 danger if he can improve his on-base skills and refine his base stealing knowledge.

He can hunt down balls from gap to gap in center field with his reflexes and quickness, and some evaluators give him plus-plus grades for his arm strength.

Even though he can play all three outfield positions, moving him from the center isn’t necessary.

How Tall Is Estevan Florial?

Estevan Florial stands at a height of 1.85 m.

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