Caleb Baragar Parents: Who Are Caleb Baragar Parents?

Caleb Baragar was born April 9, 1994, in Jenison, Michigan in the United States of America. He is known to play professional baseball for the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team. Caleb positions as a pitcher and wears the number 38 jersey for the Diamondbacks.

Caleb’s non-professional career started when he attended high school. He was at Jenison High School and he played baseball for the school’s baseball team.

When he completed high school, he continued first, at Jackson College where he played college baseball as a pitcher for the baseball team of the school. He later left Jackson for Indiana University where he completed his college education.

Caleb was drafted in 2016 by the San Francisco Giants in the ninth round in the 275th overall of the 2016 MLB draft. In 2020, the Giants selected his contract and then added him to their 40-man roster.

That same year, he was invited by the Giants to their spring training and he made his MLB debut with them on July 25, 2020. He was later made a free agent by the Giants which allowed the Arizona Diamondbacks to claim Caleb off waivers in March 2022.

Caleb Baragar Parents: Who Are Caleb Baragar Parents?

Caleb Baragar’s parents are only known as Mark Baragar and Joni Baragar. Although not much is known about them, we do know they are very supportive of Caleb’s career.