What Is Estevan Florial Salary: How Much Does Estevan Florial Make?

When the New York Yankees were beaten by the Boston Red Sox on Thursday and Friday, their week was over.

Despite Estevan Florial’s efforts to keep the Yankees in contention, some disappointments from the few regulars left in the lineup resulted in disappointing results.

Estevan Florial
Estevan Florial

All season, Giancarlo Stanton and DJ LeMahieu have battled to hit, and Chad Green and Brooks Kriske both had terrible half-innings at the major league level, but the team as a whole has performed admirably.

That at least allowed them to win a 4-3 victory against their arch-rivals in Saturday’s game and put a stop to the bleeding for the time being.

The recent promotion of Florial, who hit his first big league home run against the Phillies earlier in the week and displayed some of the attributes that made him such a heralded prospect, was one of the most positive aspects of the series.

Even if everyone else is healthy, the Yankees could use a spark to jolt this team out of its slumber. Florial could provide that spark.

It’s time for him to leave the minors and make his way into the big leagues.

Florial had two hits in this game, the first of which sparked a four-run rally in the eighth inning, giving New York the lead at Fenway Park.

How Much Does Estevan Florial Make?

The average annual earnings for Estevan Florial is $700,000.