José Cisnero Salary, Net Worth and Contract

José Cisnero

By 4 p.m. Eastern time on Friday, July 30th, whatever the Atlanta Braves have in mind for bolstering their squad in 2021 must be completed.

This is a day sooner than usual since MLB didn’t want to disrupt games on the 31st, which is a Saturday with games scheduled throughout the afternoon and evening.

So we’re about 412 weeks away from that date, and the Braves are reportedly “active” in their search for bullpen relief.

Jose Cisnero of the Tigers is one probable contender who offers a unique combination of extra team control (until 2023) and a budget-friendly contract.

He’s a Dominican-born right-hander who has bounced around the majors since breaking in with Houston in 2013.

Despite his age, Cisnero, who is 6-3/258 pounds, is still arbitration-eligible and under team control until next season (depending on the results of the next Collective Bargaining Agreement).

Cisnero’s pitching has only improved in the last two seasons, this one and 2020.

His WHIP has reduced to 1.1/1.2, and his ERA has dropped as well.

He’s pitched 34 innings in 36 games this season, striking out 42 batters while also saving three games for the Tigers.

José Cisnero Salary

José Cisnero receives annual average salary of $1,900,000.

José Cisnero Net Worth

José Cisnero net worth is $ 1.5 million to $ 5 million

José Cisnero Contract

The Detroit Tigers signed Jose Cisnero to a one-year, $1,900,000 contract, with $1,900,000 guaranteed and a $1,900,000 average annual pay.