Where Did Patrick Mahomes Attend College: Where Did Patrick Mahomes Attend Highschool?

Patrick Mahomes is one of the most decorated quarterbacks in the National Football League. At a young age, he has achieved what most veterans would only dream of. In his few years in the NFL, he led his team to two Super Bowls and won one.

He was named the most valuable player in the Super Bowl (LIV). Mahomes is one of the most awarded young players in the history of the NFL. Some of his records and awards include NFL Offensive Player of the Year (2018), First-team All-Pro (2018) Second-team All-Pro (2020), and 4× Pro Bowl (2018–2021).

Mahomes’ $500 million contract makes him the first athlete in professional sports history to earn that much money. Since then, the soccer player Lionel Messi has earned more than the contract amount.

Mahomes comes from a family of athletes. His dad, Pat Mahomes is a former MLB player and was one of the biggest names during his era.

Mahomes was very athletic, even at a young age. He stepped into his dad’s shoes and played baseball until his sophomore year in college to fully concentrate on football.

Where Did Patrick Mahomes Attend Highschool?

Mahomes studied at Whitehouse High School in Whitehouse, Texas, and participated in multiple sports, including baseball, basketball, and football.

He finished his senior year of high school football with 4,619 throwing yards, 50 passing touchdowns, 948 running yards, and 15 rushing touchdowns.

During his final year of high school, he pitched a game of baseball in which he struck out 16 batters while also pitching a no-hitter. For the 2013–14 school year, he was selected Maxpreps’ Male Athlete of the Year.

Where Did Patrick Mahomes Attend College?

After a successful high school career, Mahomes attended Texas Tech University and played three seasons of college football for the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

At Texas Tech, Mahomes was named the starter for the first few games of his sophomore campaign. Through a number of effective performances throughout the season, Mahomes assisted the Red Raiders in achieving a 7-6 record.

In ten games, he threw for more than 350 yards, and in four of those games, he threw for more than 400 yards.

Mahomes’ junior season was incredibly productive. Mahomes only had three interceptions in the entire month of September while rushing for four touchdowns and passing for 18 touchdowns.