Justin Verlander Parents: Meet Richard Verlander and Kathy Verlander

Justin Verlander Brooks who is a baseball professional pitcher for the Houston Astros of Major League Baseball was born on February 20, 1983, to parents Richard Verlander and Kathy Verlander.

Justin Verlander is credited with breaking multiple career highs for strikeouts. He was credited with assisting the American national team in taking home a silver medal. In addition to being one of the greatest pitchers in history, he is regarded as one of the most accomplished players of his generation.

He was chosen by the Tigers, where he also played, before joining the Major League Baseball team Houston Astros. With the Tigers, where he was known to play for 12 years, he made his major league debut in 2005. Additionally, he was their starting rotation’s ace.

It will interest you again to know that in the year 2008, he was known to become the 114th pitcher in the Major League history to earn over 200 career wins. He also became one of the 20th fastest to reach a milestone of 412 stars. His Amateur career details one fact he was able to throw an 84 mph (135km/h) fastball shortly after joining the academy.

Justin Verlander's Parents
Justin Verlander’s Parents

Who are Justin Verlander’s Parents?

Meet Richard Verlander and Kathy Verlander, parents of Justin Verlander. Richard Verlander is known to be a writer, a speaker, and as well as a consultant with parents on the challenges of raising successful young adults. There is not much information on her mother Kathy on the other hand. However, she was known to be a contributor to the authorship work of her husband.